Connect with our members and friends at our Sunday coffee fellowship, sharing a cup of coffee, a snack, and conversation, or join us for a meal after service. On the third Sunday of every month, we hold a congregational potluck luncheon. On the remaining Sundays, we gather at a local restaurant for the Lunch Bunch fellowship. Throughout the year there are many opportunities to socialize and form meaningful and lasting relationships with a diverse community.


Discover new ideas and kindred spirits on your personal and spiritual journey in life. Engage in a shared free and responsible search for truth and meaning as you discover your own answers for the challenging questions of life. In a world of heartbreak and challenges, we come together to gain insight and inspiration.


Apply the deeply held principles of responsible stewardship and caretaking for our members and friends as well as our buildings and grounds in our daily lives in ways that acknowledges our interdependent existence. We cultivate care and respect in our interpersonal relationships. We also cultivate care and respect for our planet through sustainable and responsible practices.


Work together to make a more fair, peaceful, and just world. We uphold the Unitarian Universalist tradition of valuing deeds not creeds. We are called to use the power of love to stop oppression through grassroots community-based action, advocacy, education, and public witness. We support economic justice, environmental justice, racial justice, justice for immigrants, justice for LGBTQ communities, reproductive justice, and support for voting rights and disability rights, and public education. We partner with the Standing on the Side of Love campaign as well as the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.

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